About us

It all started with a dream.

A dream about femininity. Femininity expressed through clothing that each and every one of our customers can discover: whether they are fond of formal elegance or casual styles. And all that accompanied by top quality: natural fabrics, fitted shape and perfect finish.

That dream led to Marie Zélie brand.
You will find mostly dresses and skirts in our shop but shirts and blouses are available as well. Very soon, a variety of accessories will be introduced. The products we offer are appropriate for various occasions, from everyday to festive. Whatever the occasion, they are always the quintessence of femininity. 

Our mission is that each and every one of our customers can make their dream come true, here, at Marie Zélie. What’s more, we want every package that leaves our shop to be associated with this thrill of emotion when opening. We want to make sure that wearing Marie Zélie clothes brings joy and that our dresses simply cannot be forgotten.

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