1. What’s the benefit of elastane in a dress?

Elastane improves comfort of wearing clothes. The fibre is more elastic, flexible and well-fitting.

2. What is the difference between outlet dresses and those with widened sleeves?

Outlet version is  approximately 2 cm narrower in biceps. Measured by laying flat, they differ here +/- 1cm. New versions of dresses have lower armholes for an easier fit.

3. Do your fabrics wrinkle easily?

Our products are made of natural  textiles and these kind of fibres may crease more. The degree of creasing depends on textile properties and weight. Garment with elastane, available in our offer are more wrinkle-resistant.

4. What is the difference between Dione and Nefele skirt?

Both are circle dresses, however Dione is box pleated whereas Nefele is gathered. Both skirts have belt loops.

5. What is the difference between Melia dress variants?

Melia dresses differ depending on: total length, waistline height and sleeve length. In our outlet you may find our older version of Melia, with narrower sleeves, described in point 2.


5. Should I choose the size that corresponds to the Table of Sizes accurately?

Our table shows standard sizes. However, because of the fact that some models are slightly tighter, we recommend saving 2 cm extra when choosing the right size. Natural fabrics do not stretch, so a little bit of extra material will enhance the comfort of wearing. What is more, in particular models, the waistline can be adjusted with a scarf that comes with dresses. It is important to read product descriptions carefully as not every model comes with it. With every product description we try to inform about the degree of stretch ability.

6. I can’t see my size. What shall I do?

We recommend signing up to be notified about product availability. Sign up by clicking on the right button in the left upper corner of the product page. The models transferred to our outlet section most probably will not be manufactured anymore. At times, however, some sizes appear in our shop again, which means that the product availability may change.

7. Are you planning to introduce wider range of sizes? Do you make custom clothing?

We are well aware that our size range will not satisfy everyone. However, at this point we focused on the most universal sizes. You can find sizes from 32 to 46 in our offer and custom clothing option is not available at the moment. We do take into account the needs of the market and in the future we are planning to expand our  product offer to suit all body types (in the first place, tall and petite type).

8. Can you alter my dress?

We don’t make clothing alterations, nevertheless, our dresses are made in such a way, that you can have them altered by any tailor or you can even do it yourself.

9. What are the delivery times?

We ship our products the same business day we receive your payment . Delivery takes between 3 to 24 days depending on the destination country of your order.

10. What are delivery costs?

The cost depends on the destination country of your order and is shown below

11. Do I buy only online or do you have a store?

At this moment we sell our products online only, however we are planning to introduce in-store shopping. Tri-City citizens have the ability to visit our workshop in Gdansk. You can book your visit here: http://en.mariezelie.com/page/contact


11. Do promotions combine with a newsletter discount code?

No, promotions and newsletter discount code do not combine. If there happens to be any special terms promotion, we will always inform about that.

12. I have signed up for a newsletter but I haven’t received any discount code. Why?

It sometimes happens that emails with discount codes get to spam folders- please check that in the first place. If this is not the case and our system failed, please contact our customer service: help@mariezelie.com


13. Can I return /exchange products?

Yes, you can return or exchange the products you purchased. The process is described in detail here: 

http://en.mariezelie.com/page/returns .

14. How do I complaint about faulty items?

You can do this by sending the product back to us together with a complaint form that can be downloaded from 


15. Who covers the cost of returning items?

In case of changing your mind about the purchased product or returning the wrong size, the return delivery charges are on behalf of the customer. When returning a faulty product, the  delivery charges are on behalf of the customer, however, in case of accepting customer’s complaint, we also return the cheapest possible shipping fee.

16. I’ve lost the receipt required for returning the product. What shall I do?

Please contact us at: help@mariezelie.com

17. I send the product back. When shall I receive my refund?

Return procedure lasts no longer than two weeks, most often the money transfer takes place earlier than that.


18. Are you planning to introduce clothes for tall women (170 cm +) ?

Yes, we are planning to introduce a new line “tall” dedicated for women above 170 cm.    However, we are not able to specify the exact time of introduction.

Are you planning nursing dresses?

We are not planning dresses strictly dedicated for breastfeeding moms, nevertheless there are buttoned dresses available in our offer that enable breastfeeding.

19. Are you planning maternity dresses?

Yes, we are currently working on this type of dresses. Subscribers to our newsletter are informed about new products first, next, such information is published on our facebook fanpage.

20. Are you planning new cuts, skirts?

We try to introduce new products on a regular basis. Subscribers to our newsletter are informed about new products first, next, such information is published on our facebook fanpage.

21. Are you planning new clothing materials?

We are gradually introducing to our collection  new dresses in a variety of colours and textures. At the same time we want to keep those fabrics with the highest natural composition percentage. 

22. Are you planning other parts of garment?

We would like to introduce blouses and shirts as soon as possible. Our dream is to enrich our offer with various accessories so that our customers could have a lot of wardrobe choices.

23. Is there any possibility of selling the products in other stores abroad?

Yes, for further details, please contact us at: contact@mariezelie.com


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